Feature request: Click column headings to sort Release Group

When I’m trying to find the correct release, it would be helpful if I could sort the list of releases on a Release Group page by clicking the desired column heading (as is available in Collections).


By what column would you sort it so it would be more easy to find your edition?
Like on all websites, I usually use CTRL+F to jump to my edition’s catalogue number or barcode.


BTW, my owned editions (releases) are highlighted (purple) by COLLECTION HIGHLIGHTER MBS-3491.

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I use Ctl+F too, but sometimes it’s helpful to see the list of releases where identical cat. numbers or barcodes, or countries, are together. There have been times when I wished I could sort by format, country, cat#, and barcode. Label and Release, not so often.

Discogs has this feature, and it has been very helpful in making sure I’m matching up to the right release when adding links.


Why not!! I’m sure even @jesus2099 would like to be able to bunch all the digital releases together so they can ignore them easier :wink:

I think this ticket covers it (allow sorting in all tables):

Make sure to vote and/or comment if it’s something you’re invested in.