Feature request: add a hometown field to the artist entries

On Facebook and Lyrics.wikia.com - and also on Discogs too, the artist profile contains a field named “Hometown”.
I think it would be very useful to add such a field to the artist database.

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Each artist has an “Area” field for the place they’re most associated with. Also, there’s an area attached to the Born and Died fields.

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Discogs has a hometown space?

No, of course, but many times the hometown is mentioned.

The “Area” field is for the country or territory where they are from. So you can generate a list with all the artists from Romania, Italy, Spain etc.
If the person was born in a city, it doesn’t mean that city was their hometown. On various websites, many times, the place of birth is not mentioned, but the hometown is mentioned.

The area field is not the place of birth, but the area an artist is usually associated with. I think this is pretty much what your hometown field would do.

There is a separate field for place of birth (and death)


And most of the time, that’s the country, not the city, not the county and not even the state.
Most of the people who heard about Britney Spears know she is from the USA, and very few know that she is Louisiana. Even fewer know that she is from Tangipahoa Parish or Kentwood.

Area != Hometown

Area is only country if you are a “national” artist.

I know lots of people who have gone gold but have never left Nashville, Los Angeles, or New York City.

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As discussed in Artist Area: Country vs City/Higher Specicifity the area field should almost always be the country and only be more specific if the artist ‘represents’ a small part. E.g. rappers often scream out the name of their ‘hood’ in every other song, going so far as that 100+ artists are set to the housing project Queensbridge (appr. 6,907 inhabitants) because they represent it (“QB”, “Da Bridge”, “41st side”, “40th side”, “Vernon to 12th”, …) vigorously.

As I also mentioned in that topic I agree that we should have more area fields for artists.
Many artists are closely associated with many areas and should be in the list of all artists of that area.