Faster method for correcting mixed-up artists?

Hi, digging into multiple recordings of artists, I found that sometimes artists share the same or similar names, while being completely different entities. Sometimes this results in the wrong entity being credited for a recording or a track.

For example, there are multiple different artists named “Diddy”, and a lot of recordings from “Puff Daddy” (Sean Combs) are attributed to “Diddy (UK electronic producer/DJ Richard Dearlove)”: Diddy - Recordings - MusicBrainz

The only way I know to correct them is to go through the recordings one by one, get some proof, update the artist credit if necessary on the recording, then go to the release(s) and update the artist credit if necessary. This takes a lot of clicks and typing for correcting the artists for just one name. I intend to do this for several different names that have these kind of mixups.

Is there a faster way to do this?


If you start with track artist (release edit/recordings tab) you can copy the track artist to the associated recording. I don’t know how a mass edit should work, but maybe there is a smart script that can help here. I don’t know any. (… and you should write down some kind of proof)

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I try and find the Releases as then they can get corrected in a larger bulk. Fixing a track list on a Release there is the “Change all artists on this release that match” option when correcting one of the tracks.

Often errors like this get made in whole album sized batches.

Edit: ah - I just looked at the mess you are dealing with and see a large heap of VAs. So my trick won’t help. I’d offer to help, but I don’t know my P-Diddy from my Diddy Men.

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There is no reason to edit the recording first if you are also going to edit the release(s) that the recording is used in. You can do it faster by only going to the release, which allows you to propagate the track artist to the recording artist via a checkbox.

e.g., if you go to Artist credit “Fergie ft. Diddy” - MusicBrainz and see both “Recordings” and “Tracks” listed, then you should edit the Track (which takes you to the Release) and tick the checkbox to update the recording.


Thanks! It was a bit hard to find the checkbox and I wouldn’t have looked for it if you didn’t mention it, but found it.

This just doubled my edit speed!