Fan chant guides - releases or no?


The song is played, so this should count as another recording, correct? But there’s also this spoken portion that weaves in and out, emphasizing particular words/phrases, and usually just filling instrumental spaces within the song. (I’ll get to the sadistic fanchants BTOB uses for their fans in a second.)

Now Dreamcatcher has added in a secondary form of fanchant (I don’t know how long this will last, but I see it as a great addition, especially for international fans that can get tripped up with words, or for fans with severe social anxiety, or fans that have lost their voice, etc, along with providing a means for venues that still do not allow cheering) that’s the clapping fanchant version.

If we add in the fanchant guides as official recordings (see above) how should we add in this clapping version? Should it be added as ‘spoken word’ to conform with the other fanchant guides, or should they just live as ‘broadcast’?

And I’m not joking about the sadistic fanchants BTOB has. Their fans (who have… debuted?? in a way?) have to sing, clap, rap, and harmonize throughout the performance. and then get ‘graded’ by the dude going for advanced degrees in music… :upside_down_face:

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if I understand correctly, I’d probably add both simply as “Other” release groups, no secondary type. “Spoken word” in my opinion would be for pure spoken word with maybe background music, not music with spoken word.

you could add all the different versions to different release groups or the same (per song, of course), I leave that up to you to decide~