Fake editors

Hi all

I was looking at other editors profiles cos sometimes they have very useful info at there bio’s.

I found out we have a lot of fake editors, people who make an account, never do 1 edit but have links in their bio’s that have nothing to do with MB. Links to a roofing company, or a cooking school for example.

Look at this one: Editor “normabrownsdty9” - MusicBrainz

Why dont they get deleted by MB? Now the statistics are are **** up


I’d like to know how they can fill out their bios with 0 edits. I thought you needed X-amount of edits to do that.

But, just to play devil’s advocate -
How many of them signed up thinking it was one thing, but discovered this isn’t what they thought it was.


SEO is SEO. There are people who sell linking into anything. Clearly didn’t work for the roofing person as their link doesn’t work any more.

There is a “report this user for bad behavio[u]r” link on that page. Click that and I expect someone will look at it.


Ty for your reply Just and Ivan

Ivan I found at least 50 fake editors within 10 minutes. Guess they won’t be happy with me if I report them all… on the other hand… it annoys the *** out of me :slight_smile:

Made two reports for bad behavior, let’s see what happens


I don’t think They would be upset to have 50 reports in a batch. The hard work is the bit you have done by spotting them. Just punch the buttons and leave it to the Staff to work out how to handle. It won’t be the first time they have seen behaviour like this.

BTW - thanks. Just fixed the spelling of behaviour on the server via Transifex


This account was created in 2016, when it was possible.
I think it is no longer possible.


“Behavior” is not incorrect. It’s simply American, while “behaviour” is British. Unless MB has chosen to standardize on British English.

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Considering how hard it is to get MusicBrainz in Google search results, it’s probably not the best place for SEO spam. :stuck_out_tongue:


Has MB chosen to standardise to America English?
Maybe MB has not chosen.

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Glad you bring this up, I also reported many users yesterday for SEO spam. I referred to this forum post where reosarevok invited editors to “feel free to” report them in my report. Makes sense that most folks reporting them are browsing other editors from their local towns. :smiley:


Speaking as a translator - different countries, different languages, different spellings. Behavior is incorrect outside the USA. Just like Colour, Catalogue and Standardise and many other words are spelt differently elsewhere (see other threads for details). There are options to select languages in country of your choice. Your web browser request the language you want to see, and the site is presented in that language. Everyone happy. (Though now I type this I have never actually tested the main site - lol. And now I start checking I find I have been translating the site but it is not actually being used… okay… weird… French works, British doesn’t)

I am more focused on getting Picard into British, Australian and Canadian but I do also poke at the main site too. Transifex is pretty useful. (This is OT - lets fire up a new thread if you curious. Looks like I need to chase this in the new year as my British\Canadian\Aus translations of the main site aren’t actually being used…)


I remember reporting a few of these “editors” a while back, only to be told nothing would be done about them because they were being used as training data for SpamBrainz.


Ty Hibiscus

So if I understand correctly MB prefers fake editors and incorrect statistics because it is useful for a spam program.

Sorry to say it’s ridiculous

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