Extraneous Work details on Release pages? Comparison to Artists & Place Relationships listed

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An example

Track 21 “Hey Dude”.

The first seven credits after the Recording Artists - the vocals, orchestra, conductor, recorded at, recording of, writer & arranger all make sense and seem of roughly equal depth.

But then there are 19 more Work relationships. These 19 Relationships seem as relevant to this Release as having a list of all the other Recordings that Bassey has made in her career, a list of all the Works performed by the orchestra, a list of all the other compositions and arrangements by those Artists and a list of all the performances that have been at Cardiff Arms Park.

Which is to say they seem to be a waste of screen space.

Am I missing something?

Or can we get them removed?


You are not the first one to notice the overload of information:

Beginners get confused or overwhelmed by this in the relationship editor quite often:

Another issue with a huge list of relationships are timeouts:

While the issue with large releases has been mitigated by loading mediums on demand, using the relationship editor on such releases is still painful.


Thank you chaban for giving links to where this problem has been identified and listed.

Voting for these issues to get attention will help.

Editors need a separate account on the Metabrainz “bug tracker”.
The sign-up page is