Extracting Json Dumps to csv

Hi, I have downloaded the artist and release group json dump files. Can anyone tell me the easiest method to convert each of these files into csv format please ? Thanks in advance.

there are a few websites that will do it for you
and here are a few people asking the same question there seems to be a lot of talk on stackoverflow.com about it

sorry i don’t know much on the subject but a google search is a good place to start

I use this site, just paste in the url.


Thanks for the reply but that site seems to have a limit of 1mb. The artist & release group json dumps are nuch bigger than that.

if you search for .Json to .csv other websites will come up that you can try i will not link to any because i know nothing about what the website will use you data for

I’m probably missing something, but why not use the tab-delimited dumps that MB provides?

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Where are they then ? I have only found full postgres database backups and the json dumps…Thanks

Oops, should have linked to them above. Sorry!


Hope that helps. If you’re doing something cool with the data, please keep us posted. If there’s one thing that unites everybody in the MB forums, it’s probably that we like seeing cool stuff done with data :slight_smile: