External links: official webpage (and show notes)

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Album Montréal Jazz Club Session 2 has an offical webpage. How would you integrate that link?

The webpage has the album details and you can even stream the songs you can listen to previews. Selecting “streaming page” would be appropriate. But I was expecting something like “official album page”.

I chose “show notes” instead, which is not mentioned in the URLs documentation. The term generally applies to podcast show notes, but in the context of music albums, it seems a bit strange to me.

If the webpage had no streaming, none of the options would fit. Am I missing something?

OK, I see, the link can be added to the release group. That makes sense!

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 14.51.08


Here is a similar case - not an official webpage, but a page that explains the background of a particular song and I would like to integrate the link.

Diane Tell explains on her website that her song Reste avec moi (Bonheur d’occasion) is a cover of of a melody by François Dompierre, which was a theme song in the film Bonheur d’occasion.

That theme song was not yet in MB, so I added it to MB, then added it as a related work to Diane Tell’s recording on album Passé Simple.

I would want to add the link itself “https://www.dianetell.com/reste-avec-moi/” to the recording page, but the options don’t forsee that:

Screen Shot 2020-08-18 at 16.33.26

I added the link to the annotation field of the album instead.

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