Extermal Links not listed

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Why are not all external links shown that are listed on Edit-> Release Information-> External Links of a release on the right side of the overview page?
e.g. purchase for mail-order: https://www.bear-family.com/tubb-ernest-waltz-across-texas-6-cd.html is not listed etc

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It’s easier with the release link. :wink:
I found https://musicbrainz.org/release/6a785b22-a5f7-497e-8aaa-26852ff77c22 I can see your link in the main page, at the bottom, where all the relationships are.

Otherwise, in the sidebar, only a selection of URL relationship types are whitelisted and appear. It’s like that for artists too, etc. It’s by design.

Thanks for the info
I didn’t look at the bottom of the page

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