Exporting Playlist to soundcloud

Hello Community,
actually had no idea that this project would be there, because earlier on the metabrainz i got stumbled upon how the music activities would be enhanced if worked with other service provider.and Glad that it is the one topic,But I had a question that while working on this how to approach for dealing with the external api for making integration.

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Kia ora @Abhi222!

If you have questions that are better asked of the developers, rather than the community, you will get more answers on: Communication/IRC - MusicBrainz Wiki (there are matrix and Discord bridges on that page, as well)

You may also want to ping the project mentors there directly.

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oh! :pray:t3: thanks alot @aerozol you are great.
i hope my doubts get solved by this. Really community is GREAT for reason…

Hello friends i am having problem while setting up the project locally , do you know the official discord or matrix channel of metabrainz where i can contact with developers.

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but cant accept the new account creating means it can only sign in not sign up/new account.Do you have any idea!!

The devs mainly use IRC. But it is bridged with Matrix and Discord if you prefer those platforms. You can find information about them here


It is saying registration of new account is disabled.on the matrix.moviebrainz.org.do have any idea.

hello pranav, on the martix channel of musicbrainz that registration is no longer accepted on the homserver.Do you know how to solve it.

I haven’t kept up with that, but I think at least initially registrations aren’t open, and you need to make an account on something like matrix.org to connect? Someone please correct me if I am wrong there. But the matrix thing is still quite new here. I haven’t tried it yet myself, I just use the discord server.

does we get help about the codebase on discord, i mean is it official please provide me the link for discord.

Hi @Abhi222 , could you please hmu on IRC… I had faced the same problem but mayhem had helped me… maybe I can try and resolve that?

I am having problem on getting on IRC and at first glance it is asking for the nick name no other option for creating a new account.Could you tell me how to proceed on IRC…
I had spend a lot of time yesterday for sorting this thing.

For IRC , I used to use this link Kiwi IRC - The web IRC client . Enter your username and ull be connected. Make sure channel name is MetaBrainz

how to register for the username, means i had earlier tried on this channel.How to proceed for /nick name and it is asking the password.

Just leave password… enter ur nick , don’t select the I have a password button

look here i registered for https://web.libera.chat/ for MusicBrainz channel does it is correct method, i am having problem with registering the nickname so that i can login into kiwi.irc.

Just follow these instructions step by step.
Go to the website u mentioned. https://web.libera.chat/ , Then enter your nick as Abhi222 and enter the channel as MetaBrainz and click join. No need to enter password. De select the I have a password checkbox.

Okay, it is showing like

is it going good

Yes , welcome to metabrainz!

oh god… is that simple and i was wondering here there.
Thanks alot Bhai

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