Explanation for the colors in mb. INLINE STUFF v2018.3.12?

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@jesus2099 Could you please explain the different colors and styles for this example release from the Pussycat Dolls:

especially the point #1 and #2?

I finally have updated my very old script and found this new colors. Would be great to know what the different color and crossed out number means.

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(1) Duplicate AcoustIDs (and ISRCs) with red background

It means that this AcoustID 79a2ef6e-e27e-4604-976a-338cc18db57d is used on more than one recording within the release.

Try to Search the page for this 79a2ef6e-e27e-4604-976a-338cc18db57d and you’ll see it is linked to both Buttons (final edit) and Buttons (album version).
It can often be legitimate or can also indicate a mistake.

When there is at least one red AcoustID in the release, the total AcoustID count in the sidebar will also be red (same thing for ISRC).

When AcoustID (or ISRC) is duplicated on several tracks but the tracks are using the same recording (so it’s normal that ISRC and AcoustID appear several times), it is background very light green instead of red.

(2) Unlinked striked‐through AcoustIDs

When an AcoustID used to be linked to this recording but has then been unlinked, it appears striked‐through.

Like in your example, 0343c408-4e20-4da2-b0b0-8c1ea5bdb5bb has been unlinked from Buttons (final edit), same as in its Fingerprints tab page https://musicbrainz.org/recording/57980f0c-b2a3-4981-ac12-9a156292410c/fingerprints


Thank you very much for you explanation, @jesus2099

To be sure I understand it, please have a look at track #8 in the above example “He Always Answers (ringback tone)”.
If you look at the first AcoustID https://acoustid.org/track/edb9afe5-9d09-411e-a265-94afbd68f6ec you see that this fingerprint has 21 sources for “He Always Answers (ringback tone)” and 1 source for “Vibrate Off the Table (ringtone)” (accidentally the following track #9?)

Is this one of this mistakes you describe?

Considering they are consecutive tracks and https://acoustid.org/track/60482973-08cd-4bf4-afe3-a6950087111f has 21 sources for Vibrate against 1 source for Always, it could be unlinked from Always.

And the one you say, https://acoustid.org/track/edb9afe5-9d09-411e-a265-94afbd68f6ec oppositely has 21 sources for Always and only one for Vibrate so it could be unlinked from the latter, as well.

Looks like a typical submit error.

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