Existing Composer disambiguation not appearing in drop down results for Work search

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Editing (adding Relationship) to track 9.

Writer in drop down search results shows no disambiguation.

But Composer has existing disambig.

Why no see?


I do see disambiguation comments in both track 9 existing relationship and inline search.
Are you in the relationship editor?

@mmirG: Do you mean the writers list when searching for works?

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Using “Edit relationships” for above Release.
Track 9.
Click “Add related work”.
Then click on magnifyibg glass in search box.
Drp down search results show
“Writers: Cyrillicname”

No disambig showing for Cyrillicname.

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While I’m not 100% sure a disambiguation is needed there (it seems unlikely there are many cases where several artists of the same name wrote a work with the same name), showing the primary alias that fits the language might make sense, since we already do that elsewhere. I’m not sure why I never thought about it (I read Cyrillic but not Japanese, so I’ve had some issues with that myself!) Will look into it - MBS-10351 :slight_smile:

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I don’t think it is needed to show artist alias as we don’t show work alias.
Wouldn’t it become too crowded in that in-line search?
If you can deal with works in certain scripts, you are able to at least recognise the writers as well.

We do :slight_smile:

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