Exact Audio Copy does not find a CD


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CUETools Database Plugin for EAC
CTDB replicates MusicBrainz database hourly

But I guess it’s still EAC that computes the disc ID, whether you use the integrated MusicBrainz feature or this CTDB plug-in.
And I didn’t find what version of libdiscid it is using.

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I am very impressed by the kind responses of so many people. Well, I have never posted to the forum so far. Thank you all! :grinning:

The release I am asking about is:

In this Bee Gees release group there are 4 releases, not to mention that there is also a release group “Spicks & Specks”. This release is most recent and has 17 tracks. It contains 12 recordings (in the same order) from what I believe is the original 1966 Australian vinyl record issue, plus 5 additional.


HI @uriahfan - Random thought… click on the Release, and then the Disc IDs tab. Now “Set Track Durations” to set the tracks to the correct lengths. Maybe this is what is missing?

That is a lot of differences… probably enough to confuse the lookup.

When you add a discID the times don’t get set automatically if there are already times on the tracks. If all tracks had no times assigned, then the DiscID would have “set durations” automagically.


Hi IvanDobsky, that may be exactly the case. I thought that submitting the ID automatically adds the track lengths, which apparently is not true. Now that I looked, the additional tracks had ??? lengths. Per your advice, I set the durations about an hour or so ago. EAC still does not identify the disc. But again, these are now new edits that might be awaiting validation. I will be checking and will keep you posted. Thanks for the idea, I hope this is the problem!


Edit #91530279 - MusicBrainz has been applied, so I’d try again. If it works, we can probably conclude that EAC lookup relies on the track lengths, so just attaching a Disc ID is not good enough for EAC.


It worked like a charm! EAC found it. Thank you for the fast approval and to @jesus2099 for putting a larger version of the cover art. This is an issue that I should remember.


Woo!! Gotta break it to learn it.

Great it now works.

Kinda makes sense that EAC was double checking the lengths. The main key here is if you didn’t have any lengths on the Release then the discID would have been auto-applied. As there was some data, the discID was waiting to be manually applied.


Same problem again. Would someone with administrative privileges expressly approve the track lengths of

Disc ID “q1GU8Tn.XX9vSKCcE2Vr.hEa5A8-

Exact Audio copy does not find it.

Which plugin you using? CueTools or Musicbrainz? I think the second one is quicker at grabbing this kinda freshly updated data.

The DiscID is in the database, just not yet had votes. Should still be found by a lookup. (I thought DiscID adds were Auto Edits anyway, so not sure why yours is waiting for votes)

@IvanDobsky Thank you for responding so promptly. I am using Musicbrainz. Same thing happened before. The disc would come out in Picard, but not in EAC. It did show up after I posted the request, maybe someone (you?) expedited it.

There are some people who are “Auto Editors” who can expediate some edits. They don’t trust me with those buttons. :rofl: But I didn’t think it mattered to EAC. Then I re-read this thread. (Actually, this time it is different as your track lengths are applied already)

A friendly AE may spot this and help out soon… maybe post a linky in the Auto Editor thread - but give them this linky to your edit so they don’t have to do a search ( Edit #98195974 - MusicBrainz )

Actually, re-reading the old thread, this is exactly what happened. There is a slightly different release of the same CD, which I used. When I saved it, Picard would load the release I entered, but only the lengths of 4 tracks showed up.

I have had this issue at least five times in the last year. My fix in EAC was to select cuetools instead of MB. I will look at the track length issue next time.

Edit: I got to thinking and this only happens (to me) after I added the discID using the Python tool isrcsubmit. I only add discIDs using isrcsubmit since I also submit the ISRC’s. I do not think isrcsubmit has anything to to with the issue, I always thought it was a timing or caching issue since I rip with EAC right after.

In my experience. EAC immediately reacts to the submission of a new release with Picard, by making the CD tagged available for ripping, including the track lengths. The only issue I have encountered is the one in this thread.

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That’s why I will look at it more closely next time it happens.

I know I will sometimes swap from one addon to the other due to only one of those EAC addons reacting instantly. I just can’t remember which is which.

My CD ripping routine starts on Picard to upload the discID, then swaps instantly to EAC to rip. It is odd that you are seeing this issue. I assume it works fine now? The edit has been applied by @chaban


I do not know how to transfer from Picard to EAC. I check on Picard, and if the disc shows up, then I start EAC, click the menu for database, and rip it.

I saw that soon after my request, someone applied the edit, and EAC recognized it. Thank you, @chaban !

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I have no automatic transfer between the apps. I just mean if EAC don’t find a disc, I’ll use Picard to upload it, then I manually swap back to EAC to retry the lookup. I’ve never seen a delay in adding a DiscID but also know only one of the EAC Addons is instant.

Not sure how the topic went but here is the weird reason why EAC did not find the CD:

@uriahfan I don’t understand, your edit has applied, already, no?

well, isrcsubmit and Picard are sending the same kind of URL to your web browser, it shouldn’t make a difference.