Exact audio copy can find item in db

EAC can’t find Tony Trischka / Earl Jam, but if I login and search for it I find in the db — why is this?

EAC tries to identify the release using the disc ID. But the only version of Earl Jam in the database is a streaming release, and that does not have a disc ID.

Someone needs to enter the CD release and submit the disc ID for it (which requires the physical CD to calculate the ID).

I’m not sure if EAC has the option to submit the disc ID. If it has you can use it to submit the ID. As there is no CD release you will need to add a new release to the existing release group. See How to Add Disc IDs - MusicBrainz

Alternatively you can use MusicBrainz Picard to submit the disc ID, see Attaching a Disc ID to a Release — MusicBrainz Picard v2.12 documentation


I am also an EAC user. My method when I see this happen.

  • Go into MusicBrainz, add new CD release, copy track list using “Duplicate Release” page to get the digital track list.
  • Now open Picard and Submit Disc ID and attach to this newly added release.
  • In MusicBrainz, on your freshly added release, go to DiscID and “Set Track Times”
  • EAC will now work. It is actually nice to see how quick that lookup works after adding the DiscID.
  • Return to Picard with the newly ripped tracks to better tag them. DiscID lookup will now of course work from Picard for your CD that is in the drive.

to answer this, it does not currently support that feature


thanks for the info ---- I found under the editing pull down “add release” is this where to add the info?

thanks for the info — but I must be missing something — I think I get the to end of the process with the disc id, but when I go to that link I get the message that “cd toc not found” ---- to bad there was not a youtube video on how to do this

Looks like you added it correctly. Disc ID “Ki.M0Uh0f5G6i7DoTNYdaeiVNEk-” - MusicBrainz

I think EAC caches lookups so you need to wait a bit after submitting a disc ID if EAC has already tried (and failed) to find it


Which link gave you that error?

I use EAC’s own Musicbrainz addon to lookup the metadata. This one is usually instant, no caching.


Does this video cover it? If anything is missing please let me know, and we can make another one, or rework this one.

edit: If this is the correct video, was it missing from a documentation page or somewhere you were looking?

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