Everyone has the name of the band wrong, I believe

I remember Carpenters telling why they didn’t include “The” in front of their name, they did it because they thought about Beatles, who didn’t use “The” in front of theirs.

Anyone got any comments on that? Is it correct to call them The Beatles or Beatles? Everyone calls them The Beatles, maybe even themselves, but was Karen correct?

On the cover of the albums they write “The Beatles”.

Wikipedia, Discogs, any other random reference - “The Beatles”.

Officical sources like their home page, twitter, facebook, etc - The Beatles.

This is not the Carpenters. Different bands treat their “The” in different ways. the carpenters clearly are different when you check them out. https://musicbrainz.org/artist/4580d83b-093e-4241-91fb-2dd71f5f1f3f

I just say that a contemporary band choose to omit “The” because Beatles didn’t use “The”. So my question is: Does everyone have it wrong, or was Karen’s reason to omit “The” from their name wrong?

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Every band is allowed to be different. You can’t force everyone into the same cookie cutter. Or do you want to rename The The as the The?

I am a fan of the Levellers who can be named in both ways. Pink Floyd used to have a The on the front until they dropped it. The Rolling Stones keep the The in the name. So do The Who. The Cure, The Verve, I could go on.

This is a silly conversation. MusicBrainz uses what the artist wants to be used. Generally leaning on what the artists own website is using. The covers are the main place to take reference of how a band is named.

And the fab four are not just “Beatles”. They are always named in full as “The Beatles”. Go look at the album covers.

Every band is different. And Karen was allowed to name her band in the way she wanted to.

Notice how the Wikipedia pages also follow those same rules. “The Beatles” and “Carpenters” are both named differently.

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Have a look at The Beatles covers. It is interesting that Sargent Peppers only used the single word “Beatles”, but all the others with the band name on are “The Beatles”. Even the minimal White album.

And then go look at the Carpenters and you’ll see that their covers have the single word on them of “Carpenters”.

MB respects the artists wishes as to how they name their band. :slight_smile:

You people don’t really read what I write, I believe. I don’t say this or that is right, I ask if Karen Carpenter was right or wrong.

And if you check their discography they use “The” only once, on The White Album, and there “The” doesn’t necessarily mean the bands name, it can also be grammatically, as in A beatle, The beatles.

And, lastly, this was meant philosophically, so if you can’t get into a philosophical discussion, just move along, nothing to be seen here.


You seem upset that I came up with too many examples which disagreed. I was trying to follow your discussion with you, just didn’t agree with your theory. A philosophical discussion needs both sides.

And this isn’t really philosophy as it is more about the personal choices of the band.

And please look at The Beatles again. There are more covers with the full band name on that a partial name.

Every band is different as to how they choose to name the band.

You have me far too interested now to just walk away. :smiley: Take The Beatles list of albums as shown in MB. (Just looking at the main releases, ignoring the compilations etc)

Seventeen albums listed.

  • First eight have “The Beatles” on the cover.
  • Next three have Beatles as part of the album title, no “The”, but the LP will have The Beatles on the inner
  • Next two drop the band name totally, just appearing on the inner of the LP as The Beatles
  • Sergeant Peppers is next - and that is “Beatles” in the flowers. But The Beatles on the inner.
  • The White Album comes next with just “The Beatles” on the cover. A title that acts as both band name and album title.
  • Interesting that Abbey Road nothing on the front, and “Beatles” on the back artwork, but back to the inner of the LP and the full name appears again as The Beatles.
  • And finally, Let It Be is another without a band name on the front. but look at the back and inner and they stay to their standard “The Beatles”

First half of the career it is always loudly The Beatles on the cover.

Later in the career they used their name on the front cover less and less. But they still put The Beatles onto the actual LP. At that stage they were so famous they didn’t need a name on the cover.

Puzzles like this are always interesting as to how an artist changes during a career. The artwork shows that The Beatles didn’t need a name towards the end to sell records.

You can also see I am a bit of a nutter who likes looking at details like this. Sorry you got upset at my responses, but it had potential for an interesting discussion as there are bands like the Carpenters who do get misnamed regularly.

An early edit I carried out myself was the correction of the name of the Levellers as too many releases had incorrectly included the THE in the band name.

I’m off to the shops now. Will put The The on the walkman as I trawl the isles. :slight_smile:


You choose the topic title “Everyone has the name of the band wrong, I believe”

To me that does not come across as an invitation to a philosophical discussion on the mindset (maybe only during some interview at a certain moment in time? I don’t know) of Karen Carpenter, but as a fixed opinion that MB has gotten the naming of the artist wrong.

Please don’t take this as a de-motivational or negative personal comment.
It’s users like you observing these kind of things, and then making an effort to discuss them that can possibly improve things.
It was probably the choice of words such as ‘everybody’ and ‘you people’ that made me respond in the way that I did.


Karen was not correct. The “The” is on every The Beatles release.


I agree, Karen was wrong, but I do wonder where she got that idea. This can be a very contentious tropic. My big examples being the Eagles and Bangles, neither of which used the the. But I think the Bangles have finally thrown in the towel and are calling themselves The Bangles. Power of the masses, right? Cheers, all! :sunglasses: