Events that need to be edited/deleted

It came up in another topic that somebody/people has been creating bogus event entries in order to support artist entries that they want MBIDs for to seed stuff in
I searched through the edits of the user mentioned in that thread, and found a bunch of dubious event listings, listed below. I’ll be working on editing/deleting these, using this as an excuse to exercise my scripting/programming skills, and I’ll try to use this post/thread as a checklist.

If anyone wants to get in on the edits, all I’d ask before you dive in is that you check for open edits on whichever event you pick to edit, and try not to do edits that conflict with whatever open edits you find. (If you want to “conflict” with my edits, comment here, or in the edit, or vote “no” on the edit)

If you find other bogus/problematic events, feel free to post them in this topic.

May be worth fixing:
Couleur Café
Concert at Botanique & related halls
concerts listed in Flemish magazine in 1957 (1 artist)
Suikerrock (2 artists, actually 1 event)
Parkconceren Liedekerke
Humo’s Rock Rally (1 artist)
Kasteelfeesten (1 artist)
Jeugdhuis Club 9 Koersel (1 artist)
GoneWest (1 artist)
Blues Peer Festival (2 artists)

Brussels Jazz Weekend
Ancienne Belgique


What post in that topic says that they should be removed?
I don’t understand why removing them as they are probably real concerts by real artists, no?

Oh… OK, now I think I understand!
Marcor is someone who noted down all the concerts they attended, the concerts attended my marcor event, yes, can be deleted it links all artists they saw live and it was certainly not in one single concert. It should be a collection of events, if marcor was an MB editor.

Sorry, go ahead. :slight_smile:

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I notice that my edits for concerts attended by marcor have three yes votes (each), but they are still open.
So, people voting yes should keep in mind that it (apparently) will not make the edits go through any faster.
And, to those of you who submitted those couple-of-hundred yes votes, thank you for your support, but I definitely would understand if you stopped. Is there a user-script that makes this voting less tedious than I imagine it would be?

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From the man above - @jesus2099 - he gives you the power of POWER VOTE
That gives you a “Click Yes\No to all” button on the voting pages. Pretty handy for bulk agreements

I’ve added my own votes and it took only a minute to go through 13 pages of votes. The fact these are “artist is main performer at something Marcor went to” is not a relationship I’d want to see in that artist if I was a fan of theirs.


48 hours need to pass until a destructive edit passes :slight_smile: But the three votes do help.


Errr… I am not an AE, but I have that exact batch voting feature using POWER VOTE :wink: