Event shows up twice should I merge?

It’s me again :confused:

I just discover that on my artist page at events, my upcoming event is mentioned twice… how can? Should I hit the button merge?

Hmm. I think that’s because the artist is linked both as vocalist and instrument performer, and it’s probably a bug.

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oh well then best I do nothing?

It’s a known issue:


Thank you so much for the info, @Freso :slight_smile:

Problem seems to disappear if the Event-Artist relationships are combined into one line (edit #41404871) instead of having two separate relationships for each instrument (same artist).

Note, the initial generation of seperate Artist relationships for each instrument may be a slight bug - this has happened to me before with an artist-artist relationship (multiple instruments) appearing separately, e.g. after requesting:

Artist1 (instrument1,instrument2)

I got:
Artist1 (instrument1)
Artist1 (instrument2)

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Thank you so much @accridEYE your solution worked just perfectly :slight_smile: and I am sure that other Members are very happy to learn about your solution!!

Definitely not, it is 100% intentional (MBS-1377). The bug is that the splitting is not done when editing a relationship (MBS-7677).

Please do not work around display bugs (MBS-8438) by entering broken data.


Apologies to all, I wasn’t aware of the intentional separate ARs for artist instruments.

  • I retract my suggestion to combine multiple artist instruments into one display line

Perhaps we can use @accridEYE 's solution to combine instruments in one line, use as a temporarily solution until the bug has been fixed? I consider this from a practical view: it just looks stupid when I go to an artist page and see an event coming up but showing up twice, just because the artist not only doing the vocals but also the piano! @accridEYE 's solution solves this problem, though it works around the bugs. But does that really matter? We can always correct the broken data-lines after the bug being fixed :slight_smile: ???

P.S. I edited this post because I had the impression that I did not express myself the way I meant to express myself.

Wait, really?
I thought because it was possible, and looks nicer, having multiple relationships in one line would be preferable. Just seemed to make sense.
So I should stop trying to combine things, for instance artist > band relationships? (where I’ve been combining them)


Well, nothing will stop you for now, of course, but I see it as a waste of your time, a step in the wrong direction and a cluttering of the edit history. It will be undone eventually anyway (MBS-7641).

MBS-7678 is the ticket for combined display of these relationships.

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A simple ‘yes’ will suffice next time thanks :confused:

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