Error with Hue & Cry on 101 80s Anthems

I don’t have an edit to vote on because I can’t find where the error lies.

this page

shows 101 80s Anthems
which takes us to track 3.9 (Labour of Love)

It should point to, and I even think it does point to,



So, then, why is the album listed under the punk band?

This release used to link the punk band instead of the Scottish pop group.

It seems that some internal pointer from punk band to this release was not removed by the system.

The problem was track 5.12, Looking for Linda. Fixed.


Thank you

Turns out, Disc 5 was collapsed on the page. Therefore, when I searched the page for ‘Hue’, it didn’t include those results. I probably never would have noticed had you not told me where to look.