Entering music video release with mixed videos: single and multi-chapter videos

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I would like too seek help on adding music video disc releases:

I got a release (this one), which is currently missing the two Blu-ray discs containing live recordings and music videos.
The first disc (»BD 1«) only contains (the first half of) a live concert recording as a single title having multiple chapters. Each chapter spans exactly one performed song.

How do I add this?
My opinion is: Just like an audio CD. Each chapter gets an individual recording, using the chapter marks as split points.
The (possible) alternative: »Since it is a single video, it has to be entered as such: A single recording, having all songs put into its title, like a long DJ mix.« (Edit: see bottom link)

The second disc (»BD 2«) gets interesting: It contains the second half of that live concert from BD 1. Again having multiple chapters marking each performed song. Additionally, it contains a music video and some other music related videos as additional titles, each having no chapters and being unrelated to the live recording.

How do I add this?
Splitting the live recording into single recordings will lose the release structure and put everything together: It is then not clear that the music video is not part of the live recording. Can the track numbering used here to differentiate both (like a double sided vinyl release)? Put disambiguations in the titles?
Alternative: Doing the »possible alternative« from above here. This will separate the live recording from the other content, at the expense of creating an inconsistency and throwing multiple songs together.
Or should I not care and just enumerate everything, like done here?

Edit: looks like this is a duplicate of or closely related to Can’t find corresponding guideline


I’ve added many video releases, usually the way you’re describing with the chapters acting in place of tracks.

I would add a new track/chapter at the end of the disc (or wherever this content is located) with a title reflecting its contents (e.g. “Song (music video) / Interview”).