Can’t find corresponding guideline

Track I am trying to add to db is listed like this:

The Magic Vargan:
a) Vologda
b) Softly
c) German-Russian Row
d) Sascha’s Magic Vargan
e) Vologda

This is not classical music obviously.
I can’t find which guideline applies here. Should it be like this in the listing or just “The Magic Vargan” would be enough?

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Here is my guess:
If it is a single track; treat it as a medley of subworks of “The Magic Vargan”.
Magic Vargan: Vologda / Softly / German-Russian Row / Sascha’s Magic Vargan / Vologda

So “Subtitles” and then "Multiple titles / splits"

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You forgot The. :wink:
That’s what I would do, as well.

Sometimes, I’ll also see this kind:

The Magic Vargan: a) Vologda / b) Softly / c) German‐Russian Row / d) Sascha’s Magic Vargan / e) Vologda

But it feels slightly wrong, even though the advantage is that it keeps printed numbering.


Two related tickets:
For more clear guidelines exactly about this.
Only somewhat related. For being able to label sections of a disc, so if e.g., a) Vologda – e) Vologda were seperate tracks on the disc, you could make a section on a medium called “The Magic Vardan”.

I seem to remember there also being a ticket for actually being able to define “super” and sub titles in the track list in a fully machine understandable way (ie., they would go into their own, different fields), but I can’t find that ticket now (if it exists and isn’t just something I imagine).

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Just because it is not classical music, you can still use the classical music posting style.
Like here:
Where you put the larger work and then put “includes” and “part of”