EMI Electrola - used as a label?

“Appeared regularly on German pressings issued from 1972 to 2002 … Please use always the branded/coded label as primary label. You can enter EMI Electrola as a label when the EMI Electrola logo appears on the release.”
This annotation comment of EMI Electrola is not really understandable for me.
Disambiguation says: “more likely the company trademark of EMI Electrola GmbH than an imprint” …it is, and it appears on most of my Harvest releases made by EMI Electrola GmbH.

Should it be used as a label?

A related problem:
@fmera removed a label code 193, added again by @rasuni - now, LC 0193 belongs to Electrola and should probably be removed, but perhaps agreement can be reached.

This label was also edited by @chabreyflint