Email redesign

Kia ora koutou,

Thanks to @JadedBlueEyes’ GSoC Project, Email service with internationalisation and MJML-based markup, we have the opportunity to update our email templates.

I am working on some simple designs, with the focus on visually de-cluttering.

I would love your feedback on the early mockups:

This is what a subscriptions email currently looks like:

There is also the related ticket ‘Utilise our emails for good: friendly, encouraging, community’, which pushes the boat out further (e.g. adding imagery, stats, facts etc to emails), but is out of scope for this particular project.
I welcome your more ‘ambitious’ email ideas there!


Could you link the 0 open and 1 applied texts instead of the entity?

Don’t forget the Entity was merged and Entity was removed edit links.


What’s the expected file sizes compared to plain text only mails?

It would be bad if they increased much.


I will check with @JadedBlueEyes first - For your project, can we make changes like this? Or are we only touching the look of the emails?

Formatting new links for something like open/applied should (?) be pretty straightforward.

The small logo I have used in this case can be compressed to 814 bytes, everything else should be possible in html.

@JadedBlueEyes might also decide to link to the logo instead, meaning you could choose not to load it (note: embedding and linking images in emails both have their serious pros and cons, Jade may already have decided on one, I haven’t asked).

If we ever add more graphics (maybe with MBS-12678) managing size will be something to take into serious consideration, agreed.


edits have been added

I’ve always wondered in what timeframe?
Maybe the email should say something like:

edits have been added in the last xx days

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I’m working from the original emails, so I should have all the links included there.
I’m not sure about new links - it could be a thing? It just needs to be sent along from the main server - but reshuffling the existing links is absolutely fine.

I’m looking at ~9kb per email right now, including both HTML and plain text in the email compared to ~4kb plain text only. This is obviously subject to a bit of variation - the email is modified by both MetaBrainz and your mail service once it is sent.

Email clients tend not to have great support for embedding assets directly into the email - for best results this stuff needs to be permalinked. That does have the issue of needing to host the graphics, but hopefully that shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

This should be since the last subscription email was sent, as configured in your settings? That could be something nice and straightforward to add.
Unless you mean since the earliest edit was applied - that could require some SQL on the server?


Ah yes, so it’s either Daily or Weekly!
So, for me, it’s edits added within the last 7 days.
I can remember that, now, thanks!

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