"Eloquence (Deutsche Grammophon / Decca/ Philips Classics)" exists as label and as series. Shouldn’t we decide for one of both?

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“Eloquence (Deutsche Grammophon / Decca/ Philips Classics)” exists as label and as series:


Shouldn’t we decide for one of both? For me it looks more like a series, espacially because several “real” lables are involved. What do you think?

This might be connected to some degree with this previous discussion:


IMO, Eloquence is a series and not a label. I did several edits into this direction and no one ever complained. Note that there is also the questionable label Australian Eloquence (EDIT: I moved all those releases to series Eloquence and a new series Australian Eloquence by now.)

For the case of “Deutsche Grammophon Resonance” mentioned by reosarevok: That case is a bit more complicated as the name “Resonance” is somewhat attached to the logo of Deutsche Grammophon, which might be interpreted as a new logo on its own. And in 1994 Deutsche Grammophon started to use a label “Resonance”, without the logo of Deutsche Grammophon.

The discussion never came to an ultimate agreement. The current status quo is that we have series and label in parallel. Also in this case, my feeling is more and more that “Deutsche Grammophon Resonance” (and all those parallel constructions like “Deutsche Grammophon Privilege”, “Archiv Produktion Privilege”, “Deutsche Grammophon Musikfest”, “Deutsche Gramophon Favorit”…) should not exist as labels.


Can I throw “Philips Classics/Philips Digital Classics” on this heap? I have always treated those as labels and not series, but according to the disambiguation it is still in the air.

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And I trow onto it The Bach Guild with/or Historical Anthology?
This release has HA credited with executive producer, which points to it being a series.
BG ‘sublabel’ @ discogs: https://www.discogs.com/label/247363-The-Bach-Guild
BG @ Facebook is described as ‘Record company’.

(Problematic release)

I did it!

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