Edits that look like nothing changed

as example:

What changed in these edits? To me, they look like nothing changed.

In the first two edits Dave Collins (US mastering engineer) was changed to Dave Collins (button accordion player).

I can’t see what the 3rd edit did either, but since the relationship currently looks like this:

The Wizards of Winter (guitar) ( – ???)

and I see no other edit that might have done it I assume this edit added the “this relationship ended” attribute.

Probably @HibiscusKazeneko can tell us more.

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That’s exactly what I did. I’ve noticed some anomalies with the editing interface lately, namely that some disambiguations no longer display from the “Edit relationships” interface. Perhaps the two are related…

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The first two edits was my own error. I was concentrating on the “orange” artist, not the other.
But the 3rd edit, nothing in the edit showed the relationship ending. Yes, I see ??? when I open the artist entries.

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If you’re a bit nerdily inclined, there’s a “Raw edit data for this edit” link in the right hand side of edit pages. Using this gives you the… raw edit data. For the last one, this becomes https://musicbrainz.org/edit/57723276/data and you will want to pay particular attention to the new and old values:

  "new": {
    "ended": "1"
  "old": {
    "ended": "0"

So essentially, as @HibiscusKazeneko also said, the attribute ended was changed from 0 (“false”) to 1 (“true”).

(This is not a replacement for https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-9872 though. Just an interesting fact you might have missed that might function as a workaround until the interface becomes better. :slight_smile:)


@jesus2099, since I have you here and this is very related to this topic:
For edits like https://musicbrainz.org/edit/57766242 please add an edit note. It’s really hard to find the one in very many characters that slightly changed. :wink:

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But that, IMO, defeats the purpose of using “Edits for Subscribed Entities”

Note the addendum @justcheckingitout: