Edits that look like nothing changed


as example:

What changed in these edits? To me, they look like nothing changed.


In the first two edits Dave Collins (US mastering engineer) was changed to Dave Collins (button accordion player).

I can’t see what the 3rd edit did either, but since the relationship currently looks like this:

The Wizards of Winter (guitar) ( – ???)

and I see no other edit that might have done it I assume this edit added the “this relationship ended” attribute.

Probably @HibiscusKazeneko can tell us more.


That’s exactly what I did. I’ve noticed some anomalies with the editing interface lately, namely that some disambiguations no longer display from the “Edit relationships” interface. Perhaps the two are related…


The first two edits was my own error. I was concentrating on the “orange” artist, not the other.
But the 3rd edit, nothing in the edit showed the relationship ending. Yes, I see ??? when I open the artist entries.



If you’re a bit nerdily inclined, there’s a “Raw edit data for this edit” link in the right hand side of edit pages. Using this gives you the… raw edit data. For the last one, this becomes https://musicbrainz.org/edit/57723276/data and you will want to pay particular attention to the new and old values:

  "new": {
    "ended": "1"
  "old": {
    "ended": "0"

So essentially, as @HibiscusKazeneko also said, the attribute ended was changed from 0 (“false”) to 1 (“true”).

(This is not a replacement for https://tickets.metabrainz.org/browse/MBS-9872 though. Just an interesting fact you might have missed that might function as a workaround until the interface becomes better. :slight_smile:)


@jesus2099, since I have you here and this is very related to this topic:
For edits like https://musicbrainz.org/edit/57766242 please add an edit note. It’s really hard to find the one in very many characters that slightly changed. :wink:


But that, IMO, defeats the purpose of using “Edits for Subscribed Entities”


Note the addendum @justcheckingitout: