Edits for Your Subscribed Entities

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When I click on that, they do not appear in order — with newest at top.
Why? And is there a way I can make it happen?


The idea is that it shows the ones closest to expiring first, so that you can try to quickly vote No if they’re horribly wrong, I guess.

I don’t think you can change the order from there, but you can do something like this which is fairly similar.


but they aren’t in order with the oldest at top either.
They appear to be grouped by color (type of edit)


Can you copy one of the links here? Grouping by edit type sounds odd.


No, I can’t. They seem to have disappeared from my list once I voted on them.

I will keep a closer eye on this and report back if I find a pattern.

Oh, point of reference, the ones that disappeared were in the middle, and were red/remove edits.