Edits for Your Subscribed Entities - thinning it down

A quick question for the URL manipulators.

Some days I’ll bring up my Edits for Your Subscribed Entities and the page is 70+ pages long. It makes it hard to find the end of it to start looking through.

Two questions about the URL https://musicbrainz.org/edit/subscribed

How can I change that URL so it drops a band or editor. i.e. Band not equal to Artist-MBID or not Editor equal to Charlie

How can I get that URL to show the results in reverse. So I see the NEWEST edits first? (Usually I just use https://musicbrainz.org/edit/subscribed?page=100 but some days that times out and fails to load)

It would be SO useful if I could have bookmarks I can tweak. Some days I want to have a quick look though and it is flooded with stuff I cannot comment on. Like today there are 90pages listed, with many many many edits for The Beatles. I don’t have a clue if they are right or wrong, so I just need to scroll past and find stuff that I can comment on.


Edit search is your friend or excluding editor


Subscribed entities cannot be refined, unfortunately.
It would require New Edit search condition : edit is [not] in my subscriptions. Please vote. :wink:
I am not subscribed to artists, I am subscribed to my owned collection.
And you would add a NOT artist criteria.


@jesus2099 - these 90 pages are just from subscriptions to my collections. Only a few extra subscribed artists in there.

Thanks @chaban for those starter links. I’ll tweak a bit more and see if I can get them to fit what I am trying to do. That first link needs to exclude my own edits first or it gets even more insane. Haha.

Ideal bookmarks them.

What would an exact match be of “https://musicbrainz.org/edit/subscribed” ? I am also subscribed to a few labels, etc and notice Chaban’s example search is only saying artists. And there is no time limit on it.

There is none. It cannot be refined (Refine this search link is not presented in this page).
It’s the ticket I linked above.


Thanks @jesus2099 - I was starting to get my head around this confusing language and realise it wasn’t possible. 2014 ticket may happen one day.

I’ll go back to trying to wade through 90 pages of confusion then as it is the only way to be sure I don’t miss stuff as I know I am not subscribed to many artists independent of my collections.

Being stubborn I am poking around to try and find a way to make this work as the search is so much quicker than wading through 30 pages of Beatles Edits. Trouble is it is also missing the rather obvious Boolean operations!

can’t do ((“artist is in my subscriptions” OR “label is in my subscriptions”) AND “editor is not me”)

I guess that is in another ticket.

No you can’t, it’s all OR or all AND.
For big lists of edits, like Subscribed entities, that we cannot refine, I hide my own edits with POWER VOTE ctrl+click and the edits that I already voted with another click…

But I would really like that MBS-7912.
It would allow being late checking subscriptions, beyond current limit of 2 weeks, or something.


Just to warn anyone else reading this thread, the “subscribed artists” search really is pretty useless. There is a large raft of stuff missing today where I have Releases subscribed, but not the artist. I’ve got to go back to wading through 96(!) pages or remove my three Beatles CDs for a few days.

Ah, that’s a thought. I see a collection be ticked as “unsubscribe”. So I could move The Beatles out to a separate list for a while until these mass edits are over.

Would be SO much better if @jesus2099’s ticket gets fixed though.


YAAAAAY it has been fixed now!!! :champagne:
By @reosarevok!

There is such a condition now in the edit search and you can try it easily by Refining the Subscribed entity edits!