Editors that need cleanup/following

Since we can’t vote ‘no’ on additions anymore, and reporting people for sloppy/duplicate additions doesn’t do anything, there’s a lot of cleanup to be done after some people.
I only have so much time, so I’ll add them here - perhaps those who are/were in favour of no votes on unlimited new additions can spend some time helping out?

[[Don’t hang out specific editors. It’s fine to point out structural problems or link to searches or reports that highlight an issue, but highlighting a specific editor for doing “bad” edits is not cool. Thanks. :heart:️ —@Freso]]

Possibly someone (@Freso?) deleted my last thread on this? Please let me know if that’s what’s happening.

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I did. I don’t want a place for people to publicly “hang out” other editors “to dry” or publicly shame them. That editor you refer to may have a lot of edits with missing info… but there are lots of releases in the db in general with missing info. That’s what e.g., reports are for. And they don’t hang out specific users. If there’s a report missing, then make a ticket with a description of the kind of search you would like to see added.

Just because you don’t see it, doesn’t mean it isn’t happening. Esp. if you don’t click the «Reveal my email address» tickbox when reporting an editor (and looking at the last report I got from you, you didn’t/don’t), I will generally/usually not keep you updated when I deal with the report. If an editor keeps being irresponsible/unresponsive, then report them again or otherwise let me know that the situation hasn’t improved.

That said, the reporting system is very rudimentary and basic and could surely be improved upon. I have my own thoughts (that I really ought to write down (though, last time I did my suggestion was rejected)), but other suggestions on how it could be improved upon would also be good.


Thousands of edits from the same few prolific editors, that require hundreds of hours of cleanup or merging… (I’ve never had a problem with missing data, this is entirely different). And nothing I can do about it.
Asking for help from others is apparently “hanging them out to dry” no matter how politely I do it, and the only update I ever got from you on a report was basically “don’t worry about it, it’s not your problem”. If something else is happening behind the scenes, then great, but I have no idea what it is and it’s frustrating.

Editors are our biggest asset, and new editors need to be shown the ropes somehow. Teaching 1 new editor how to make good edits is potentially worth weeks or months of going through reports.
As editors aren’t required to make good additions anymore, and more new editors come through, playing catch up has gotten harder and harder, and I can’t keep up. There’s no community initiative around new users at all to pick up the slack, and I feel like I’m the only person who regularly subscribes to people asking for help in the forums to see if I can help out, and “don’t worry about it, ‘someone’ can fix it later” is apparently the current MB policy - but I’m only here because I care about good data, and if I don’t worry about it…
not much point in sticking around.


Your frustration is coming through loud and clear, so if it seems like nobody is getting it, well, at least I think I am.

I’m going to interpret your post as “akk, I’m trapped under an avalanche of new editors, please send a rescue team!” That does put us in a weird spot, since you can’t tell me exactly where you are buried without naming/shaming an editor.

I don’t know what the solution to that is, but this is a bright bunch. Somebody will come up with a solution.

In the meantime, I haven’t done any serious voting in ages, so I have a lot of penance to do. Yay for the newbie filter!