Editor subscription notifications broken?

There is a by default daily notification mail “Edits for your subscriptions”. You can configure that in your profile at https://musicbrainz.org/account/preferences

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i checked them to daily basis, but i did not received any email if my subscriber creates any entity!
Does it works elseways ?

Sorry, I was probably confused. You were asking about BookBrainz? My answer was about MusicBrainz

Actually BookBrainz do not have this feature yet :cry:
and thats what i am planning to add , i am bit confused about last part that is user_subscribed_user
and i think MB subscription sytem will guide on making it more perfect .

I do get notifications from subscribed editors once a day as I’m supposed to (although of course, it might be that I should be getting more and there’s a bug). Can you write with more details at our support email? :slight_smile:

This is about a suggested GSoC project for adding a notifications system to BookBrainz :wink:

That it is. Split the conversation about the possible issues in MB to its own topic, sorry!

okay ! i wil write to the support email

@reosarevok I just got email after 24 hrs .
So it I guess email is sent for subscription within a day .

Do I still need to write to the support email ?

Yes, it’s sent once a day for the previous day :slight_smile: So if that’s what you got, then that’s ok.