Editor keeps freezing and creating empty dupes


The Editor keeps freezing and creating empty dupes.

Should I stop entering + editing stuff when this happens or will the resulting errors resolve themselves?
Also: Should I try to delete the duplicates manually or should just wait for the system to do it?
( It says “This release group has no relationships or releases associated, and will
be removed automatically in the next few days. If this is not intended,
please add more data to this release group.” )

This artist was created but the release it should have been associated with didn’t take the edits and I’m not sure if I should try again:

Here’s some dupes that were created when I tried to submit releases:

edit: comments also appear to be rather laggy & glitchy at the moment.


Short answer: up to you!

Personally I don’t see a point in putting in an edit to remove them, when it will happen automatically.
You could merge them (which strictly speaking might be the ‘right’ thing to do as it keeps all the unique MBIDS alive), but that effort would be better spent editing other stuff imo :slight_smile:

If you can be bothered please do keep trying, these stubs aren’t a big problem and fix themselves, but that depends on if you’re patient enough to keep trying!!

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You should retry the failed release, ideally before that Aya Panda artist disappears.
Those fails are due to website being currently overloaded and many requests end up in 503 error. You can read more about that.
You do not need to merge the empty entities as they will disappear and as their MBID were never used (brand new).

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Ok, thanks!

The chance that these entries will become part of one or another kind of mess before they’re automatically deleted really seems minimal (unless I accidentally trip over them myself :D), so I’ll just ignore them for now.