Editing track order on a release with DiscIDs

I’m trying to edit https://musicbrainz.org/release/1e0e0bc1-6da4-46f7-9e71-a593c755fca6 . Track 4 and 5 are in the wrong order, i.e. the 4th track should be My Ex-Classmates’ Kids and the 5th should be Kick the Can. I’m basing this judgement on the back artwork (both my copy and the copy attached to the release: https://coverartarchive.org/release/1e0e0bc1-6da4-46f7-9e71-a593c755fca6/11891907348.jpg ) as well as listening to the two tracks in question on my rip.

The release has three DiscIDs attached. two (https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/QcpcxWyLt3HJ4w25gWU4sjpQI5s- and https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/3oIYML0Ar03ThTsY6Q.z7Db8xJA-) show the 4th track as having a length of 4:50 and 4:51, respectively, and the 5th track as 5:15 and 5:13, respectively. These lengths marry with the times my rip shows for these tracks. The length of the 4th track from the ToC matches that of the 5th track on this release’s tracklist, and the length of the 5th track from the ToC matches that of the 4th track on this release’s tracklist. The third DiscID attached (https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/9dBcI51yVsEyvZc.5Aj6GGRfWPM-) has the 4th track as 5:13 and the 5th as 4:51, i.e. it matches the release’s tracklist.

Lastly, Wikipedia (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Are_You_Are_Missing_Winner) lists the tracks in the order I believe is correct, and notes that “Some CD copies have tracks 4 and 5 in the reverse order, despite the order being listed as above”.

Do I create a new release basically identical to this release but with those two tracks switched in order, attach the two corresponding DiscIDs to the new release, then remove them from them from the current release? Or something else? :slight_smile:


That’s exactly what I would do. As a bonus you could add a disambiguation comment to the release with the wrong track order.

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Yes you are perfectly right doing so, here’s why:

This release you linked was originally created for the version where track 4 is 5:13 and where track 5 is 4:51 as we can see in its edit history showing 9dBcI51yVsEyvZc.5Aj6GGRfWPM- as first submitted Disc ID.

Then QcpcxWyLt3HJ4w25gWU4sjpQI5s- and 3oIYML0Ar03ThTsY6Q.z7Db8xJA- were added (without noticing the track swap issue), some years later.

Create the alternate release and move those two last Disc IDs to the new release.

Which one is your Disc ID, by the way? :slight_smile:

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Thank you both for your help. I think I’ve fixed this now.

@jesus2099, I’m working from a rip and haven’t worked out how to generate a DiscID from a rip log yet. :slight_smile:

Your welcome!

I’m not sure if Disc ID generated from rip logs is always accurate.