Editing history of my collection shows unrelated edits

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I have a collection that I monitor regularly: https://musicbrainz.org/collection/f0827817-49c3-405c-9c3e-e182a0e8b9e0 and I noticed recently that some edits listed in the “editing history” page of the collection have in fact nothing to do with the collection (in the sense that these edits involve no recording/release/release group from the collection), for example this edit: https://musicbrainz.org/edit/70835686 . Has anyone else noticed this problem? Where could it come from?

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Ah thanks! Sorry for the inconvenience. I really need to learn to google stuff.

what search terms would one even enter to search this.

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I tried ‘collection edits’ in the internal search, but didn’t find anything relevant. It’s just a reference to my previous post that was already asking something that was already answered in another post.