Editing an existing release


I got the booklet from this CD: https://musicbrainz.org/release/07bb0e3f-47ea-4e34-8678-f74a1412ed99
and I can see titles are not matching totally.
Was thinking to edit it but before would like some confirmations:
Should I do it?
Should I switch act and scene to Italian as it’s Verdi and most part are already in Italian
Should I keep the “XXX” or put “:”
Should I click edit recording title also?
Other remarks

Thanks as I m new for classical edition and I just ripped dozen of CDs to edit


A bit difficult to comment as I don’t have the booklet. Perhaps if you add the track listing as cover art then others can see the differences. EDIT: I see the cover art is just from Amazon at the moment, so adding cover art generally would be helpful.


First page of the 162 pages booklet

Hmm. The release is in English, but the Italian is listed first in the booklet, so I guess you could change “Act I, Scene I” to “Atto primo, Scena prima” etc., but frankly I wouldn’t bother. I seem to remember reading somewhere that there is supposed to be a better way of dealing with multilingual releases in the pipeline, but I forget what. @reosarevok - can you help here? I wouldn’t change the recording details, just the track list. Not sure what the “XXX” refers to. Tweaking the quoted titles to include the missing text etc. makes sense to me. And I would add cover art for the front and back and the track list.

You can definitely change the titles to be fully Italian if you want, judging from that booklet. If you want to do that, don’t do it by hand - just search + replace and use the track parser (@jesus2099 has a script to do search + replace directly in the editor which could be useful, too, but I forget which of all of his scripts that was!.) If you do, in this case, do also change the recording title.

I would probably use : not . after the scene info, but that’s super minor.

But most importantly: only do as much as you actually feel like doing. This isn’t in a terrible state currently, so if you don’t feel like doing all that work, you don’t really have to :slight_smile: Even more so if you upload some photos or scans of the full tracklist so somebody else who wants to can do that.


It’s TRACKLIST_TOOLS in Big script called “mb. SUPER MIND CONTROL Ⅱ X TURBO” :wink:


Thanks a lot for your help

Do you have some examples of high quality releases in classic ?
Like an opera, a concert and some compilations?

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