Editing a recording title

I recently edited a recording, changing the title from “A Storm Is Going to Home” to “A Storm Is Going to Come”.
Recording: https://musicbrainz.org/recording/3910c8ff-d0d6-4863-aeee-acae7a90e821
Edit: https://musicbrainz.org/edit/77554139

Looking at the release page, the title still displayes as “A Storm Is Going to Home”:

The API request shows that the track corresponding to the recording still has the wrong title:

Now, my question is, when changing a recordings title, do I always have edit the corresponding tracks manually? Shouldn’t this be done automatically? Or did I do something wrong when editing the recording?

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No, recording titles do not automatically propagate to tracks. This can’t be done generally as sometimes the same performance is actually titled differently on different releases.

The release editor has an option to automatically enter an edit to change the recording title when you edit a track title, but there is no such option for the reverse direction (would have been useful in this case, I agree, since all the tracks appear to have the exact same error).