Edited releases? Releases reissued in two?

What’s the policy for reissues that split an original release into two separate releases?

For example: Anthony Braxton’s Willisau (Quartet) 1991 - Studio/Live (https://musicbrainz.org/release/ce1f625a-5d21-488a-950e-22e92d9d18d9). The first two discs (the studio part) has recently been reissued by Hat Hut as a stand alone release. Should this go in the same release group, or should there be a new one?


I would put them in the same release group.

I just remembered, does the fact that the release group is categorized as ‘live’ change that? (discs 3 and 4 of the original set are live sets)

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It shouldn’t, at least not in my eyes. Granted, I wouldn’t have set the release group as “live” since its contents are split 50/50 studio and live (rather than entirely or mostly live, as is the case with traditional live albums).

What if reissued EP gets extended to full length territories? Is it still technically a reissue? Does it really fit under the same RG?


It was a 4-track, 16 minute EP at first, then received a bonus treatment and went up to 20 minutes, and now, two years later the ‘Uncut’ version is an 8-tracker clocking at almost half an hour.

I know it’s a minor nuisance and technically there’s no reason for the uncut version not to be treated as an EP still. But what if the artist decided to add everything they recorded during the same session and suddenly the EP would grow to 40+ minutes and 12 or more original recordings? New RG and correct ‘album’ type or the same RG and technically wrong ‘EP’ type.

Reminds of this discussion (merge release groups) about Hot Rocks 1964–1971 by The Rolling Stones.
Initially released with 2 mediums, later re-released and sold separately on single mediums.

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