Edit stuck at 'About to close' for a week

I’m not sure if there’s already an appropriate topic open for such an issue but nevertheless I thought it’s worth reporting.

Edit #95566162 - Merge releases

Based on the date of me entered this edit (2022-12-28) and that no ‘No’ votes were cast, it should have been closed a week ago, yet it’s status is still stuck at open, hanging at the bottom of my open edits’ list.

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Have seen that before. May just be easier to do a fresh edit and cancel the old one. Something has had a hiccup…

You are merging an old 2007 release into a newer 2022 one. Maybe there would be less of a hiccup in the other direction? The old release is glued in to the system too hard and don’t wanna let go. :laughing:

It’s a known issue, but fortunately it has a workaround: (temporarily) deleting the annotation on the target release.


What salo.rock said. I just move the annotation from the target to the source and it works.