Edit search optimization

We are trying to improve the performances and resources usage of edit search in general.
One way to do it would be to preselect a condition for edits from the last two weeks only.
Does it seem reasonable? Do you have any suggestions to preselect other conditions?


Sounds reasonable to me! :slight_smile:


Yes, Very reasonable as default.
Further, all edits have some kind of ‘edit type’ associated, e.g.: Edit #12345678 - Add cover art
There should be easy way to restrict search to certain edit types or exclude types (e.g. “Add cover art” or all cover art related edit types).
Either such restriction of search is not possible or I could not find it (though I checked How to Use the Edit Search)

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Thanks for your feedback.

It is the latter. It is already possible by selecting the condition “Type”, for example your cover art edits.
(Only the conditions that can be more confusing are listed in this how-to.)

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