Edit-search like release search?

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I’d love to have a way to search for releases and release groups just like the edit search. For example if I’d want to find all the releases that are belong to a specific label, have an ISBN but don’t have a format specified.

Is my only option to somehow download the database and then write SQL to determine those items just to not waste hours on a simple search?


I don’t know what’s ISBN but: beatles AND label:sonido AND NOT format:/.+/


Oh if ISBN is barcode: releaseaccent:love AND barcode:/.+/ AND NOT format:/.+/ AND label:records

Where /.+/ is a regular expression that means that some value is set here, so NOT /.+/ means that no value is set (unknown).

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Any way to search for if cover art exists of a certain type? I couldn’t find that in the documentation.

You can get some information on what cover art is available from the api.
So you would first need to do a search query and loop through the results and call the api to get information about the cover art.
I don’t believe you can do this in the one query step.


All you can do is in the documentation linked from the advanced search form.

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