Edit note syntax

I have made use of the ability in Edit Notes to link to a documentation page by including the page title in brackets. But this doesn’t seem to work for pages that are another level down (at least, that’s my assumption).

For example, I just tried to use [Recording_Artist] in an Edit Note, to link to ~/Style/Classical/Recording_Artist, but this resulted in an invalid link to ~/doc/Recording_Artist, which doesn’t exist.

Since we can’t edit or delete Edit Notes, I don’t want to experiment with my ideas of what might work, so I’m asking: Is there a way to link to such a page? Would [Classical/Recording_Artist] work?

I think you can only link to the main page but I haven’t tried linking to any subsection since a few failed newbie attempts.

You can always practice at https://test.musicbrainz.org which uses a test copy of the database and no changes are saved to the production database.


[Style/Classical/Recording_Artist] is what you need:

You only need a full link if you want to link to a specific section of a page.


confirmed, and it is case sensitive. might put a ticket in for linking to headings within the docs…

edit: ticketed [MBS-12363] Allow linking to docs headings in edit notes - MetaBrainz JIRA

I’m glad I asked. Both of these tips will be helpful. Thanks!