Edit delay

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There is this release merge edit that requires a track-recording reassignment to occur first, by any means.
Otherwise, two different recordings will be merged.

I did the necessary track-recording reassignment edit and it was applied already, but we still see the wrong recording in the source of the the aforementioned merge edit, despite the source release itself shows the correctly changed recording.

It’s the first time I see some delay in the application of something like this.
Is there some new stuff in the Merge releases edit page that makes it so that any further changes to the releases are no longer seen? Static data?


Seems like a bug indeed. @Bitmap, @yvanzo, or @reosarevok: Can you look into this?

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I’d noticed this too a couple weeks ago, actually, and have a PR for it at https://github.com/metabrainz/musicbrainz-server/pull/1148 (tracking ticket is MBS-10279).

It’s not a super recent issue (from at least 2014). Rest assured that the recording merges you see in the edit there aren’t what will get applied, so you can safely vote “Yes” if it’s otherwise correct.