Edit created wrong work relationship

Pretty new to this editing business, so please forgive ignorance! I edited an album to add (classical) work relationships to tracks which had none. At first, on one of the tracks, I linked to the wrong part of the work (one level too high). I corrected this, but can’t seem to undo the original incorrect link. See https://musicbrainz.org/recording/4a50bc72-cd4a-411b-8185-6e3343275769

In order to keep data from being lost by an accidental (or malicious) click, MusicBrainz doesn’t apply every change immediately, and your fixes are some of those “distructive edits” it makes sure people have a chance to cancel. You can see that they were saved by looking at the “Open edits” page in the bar on the right. They’ll be applied automatically in six days, but that can be made sooner if three people vote to accept the change without anyone disagreeing – normally you’d just wait for the edits to be accepted one way or another, but you can always post here if the fix is urgent or if someone’s voting “no” and you think they’re wrong. Since you’ve already added the correct relationship via an auto-edit (one that’s applied immediately), though, rather than voting for the “Edit relationship” change, I’ve chosen one of the removals. It will probably get the other two votes it needs soon enough, as more people see this thread.


Thanks. Next time I’ll look at “open edits” to check what has happened. Not sure I entirely follow the voting logic, but I’ll wait & see how it works out.

This page in the documentation is a bit sparse, but it might still be a bit clearer than me trying to come up with the wording off the top of my head. It is definitely confusing the first couple times you try to change something and the only thing that shows up is a yellowish background, though.

Thanks. Now I understand the “Make all edits votable” box. I hadn’t realised I could submit auto-edits, but I see it depends on the data.

Yeah, there’s not really much indication about what changes will be auto-edits and which will need voting even if you leave “Make all edits votable” unchecked; that’s mostly something you just figure you through experience. To make things more confusing, that division used to be more restrictive, and there are still some references to needing votes for edits that no longer need votes around, especially in the older forum threads.

I see there are no more votes on this. Does that mean I have to redo the edit (correctly) when it expires as the one vote against will fail it?

Edits #44389315 and #44389702 will fail, but #44389442 (which is a duplicate of the second) will succeed, removing the incorrect relationship. For the first, which would have replaced it with the correct one, #44389443 to add the same work was already automatically applied, and so even though the replacement will fail, that part of its desired effect has already been accomplished. Basically, even though two duplicate edits will fail, in two or three hours (it can take a bit after the advertised time for edits to be applied), the final result will still be that “Gloria” is no longer associated directly with the recording, while “Gloria in excelsis” is.