Edit adding Disc ID is cancelled, but release still shows the Disc ID

At 6 March I added a Disc ID for a release by the label Vinilkosmo of the album Muzikpluvo by Akordo (https://musicbrainz.org/release/4377989d-b668-478e-86fa-57b21ce5b994) in the edit https://musicbrainz.org/edit/67878609. A few minutes later I realized that my CD is another release and cancelled the edit, but the Disc ID is still displayed for the Vinilkosmo release. Shouldn’t it disappear when the edit is cancelled?

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I did not know a added discid could be canceled (but in the edit history it was :roll_eyes:), it can be deleted or moved. Every discid I add is a autoedit. The discid you added is 1 second off on the last track from the current track times. If it belongs to another release in the DB then you can move it to that release.

I later created another release in the same release group and added the disc ID to that release, and now the disc ID is attached to both releases (https://musicbrainz.org/cdtoc/nDwBJ1D9.QJ6s3kFSnzfJBdvJPM-). I can of course delete the disc ID added by the cancelled edit, but I am very surprised to discover that it is necessary. I suppose that it is a bug. Maybe the database should be checked for other data coming from cancelled edits?

It’s probably a bug, yes, we had a recent case like this for annotations. Good news is there’s “only” 270 cancelled disc ID adds since the beginning of MB, so they might be fixable in retrospect, but I’ll start by looking into the bug itself.


The disc ID is removed if an “Add Medium” edit is cancelled after using “CD stub import”, but there is a bug here, too: Even though the cancellation removes the disc ID from the release, it does not return the disc ID to the database as an available stub. The stub is gone forever. If that happens, one can only recover the TOC metadata by copying it from the cancelled edit and adding it to a release manually.

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IRC discussion about MBS-10707