Edison Lighthouse

Can anyone have a look at this? According to what I find on https://www.discogs.com/artist/292126-Edison-Lighthouse there are 2 albums with this name, an ordinary album and a compilation, but neither of them corresponds to this, although the compilation is close. As there are no label or number, and the edit history seems kind of chaotic, I’m a bit lost and prefer to leave it to more competent users.

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That is an odd one. In one of your other threads I posted about he Edit History for releases. With this example there is no edit history to tell us where it came from.

In cases like this the simplest is to just add the “correct” release alongside.

It could be that the one in MB is an older compilation on tape or a different media to Discogs. Or with an old group like that, it is probably just yet another compilation release.

Discogs is good as a source, but even they can’t catch every compilation out there.

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The lack of edit history suggests that this dates back to the earliest days of MusicBrainz. Looking at the track list, I think you would be justified calling the MusicBrainz release you linked to the same release group as this compilation. Self-titled and “greatest hits” type compilations are the worst for disambiguating, though, because they so often have mostly the same tracks in different orders.

Update: and then you have to be wary of reusing recordings when you find a note like this: “To Obtain The Highest Possible Quality, Some Tracks Have Been Re-Recorded By One Or More Members Of The Original Group.”


For what it’s worth, there’s still a version of Edison Lighthouse performing. You could try contacting them through Facebook or their website (I just added both to their artist page) and see if they recognize the tracklist.