Easy way to share (or copy) cover art image between Releases in Group?

There is a Release b3830 “The Drop That Contained the Sea” (digital media) which has a nice, high-res Cover Art image supplied by the Release Artist. Another Release, 6ba3f (CD), from the same Release Group c98ba, has identical cover art on the physical Release jewel case. However, no-one has uploaded the nice high-res image to Release 6ba3f (CD), so it’s getting cover art from Amazon instead.

I could fix this by downloading the original-resolution image from Release b3830, then uploading it to Release 6ba3f. But is there an easier way?

Is there an easy way to tell MusicBrainz that the same Cover Art Archive image applies to two different Releases? Alternatively, is there a way to tell MusicBrainz to copy a Cover Art Archive image to another Release, short of downloading then uploading?

Neither is currently possible. MBS-4641 “Add cover art by URL” is one of the most voted requests.

In Windows with Firefox at least, you can paste a URL in the file name field of the file picker and click “Open”. The first time in a browser session, this takes a while to load, but every next time it’s almost instantaneous.

Of course, it would be nice if there was a faster way, especially with multiple images.

Thank you. I just voted for MBS-4641. Reading the comments, it looks like this request is blocked because it would take work by the Internet Archive to fulfill it.

Thank you for the suggestion. I don’t see that this is possible on Mac OS with Firefox.

I downloaded and re-uploaded the file. Done.