Easy way to add missing track lengths?

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What is the easiest way to add missing track lengths, like in this example:

It should be something semi-/full automatic, because I would like to do that regularly.
In such cases I have the MUSICBRAINZ ALBUM ID and/or the MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID from a local mp3 file.

Any ideas?


When I want to paste track times from my concert video rips (for CD I use Disc ID), I copy all track times from foobar2000, then I use the TRACK_LENGTH_PARSER from super turbo.


Just great! Thank you very much @jesus2099!



How can I directly call the second tab “Tracklist” in the edit mode?

Something like
but already on the second tab?

Or even more automatic:
How can I directly call the yellow Time Parser Button from @jesus2099’s incredible script for the above release?


Simply https://musicbrainz.org/release/85516063-3f01-4545-a779-81bd683fb221/edit#tracklist but for the button, no way. :slight_smile: