Easier way to add digital releases?

Is there an easier method to adding digital releases other than MusicBrainz picard? I’ve come across dozens and dozens of releases that are missing and I try to add them little by little but its very time consuming. Maybe there’s a way to scrape tidal/deezer/qobuz pages and add them?

You might want to look into using one or more userscripts with your browser. There are a number of importer scripts available for various sites. A good list of available scripts can be found at Colby Ray’s Userscript Wiki page. There is also a guide on how to install userscripts available to help you through the process.

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for adding isrcs: https://magicisrc.kepstin.ca/


I think that External Resources - MusicBrainz Wiki is the canonical list.


Deezer is supported on https://atisket.pulsewidth.org.uk/


Be aware that the qobuz script no longer works since qobuz decided to unpublish their API. you can use this site though (which is also listed on the external resources page):


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I see one for Qobuz but nothing for Deezer or Tidal :frowning:

This is great! ty

I will test it out next time I come across an album not in MB