DVD chapter = Recording?

Hi, I tried to repair the DVD release of Release “11,000 Clicks” by Moloko - MusicBrainz. Originally the tracklist was as listed on the release. However, this does not correspond to the chapters on the DVD. Track (chapter) 5 with a length of 9:00 consists of two songs. On Discogs, the tracklist has been adapted to the division into chapters. That makes sense to me. If you rip the DVD, you will extract the chapters. Track lengths can only be fixed with a live album in this way.

But there are additional chapters after the last song: #17 (unlisted) words of farewell, #18 and #19 the end credits. There is no apparent reason why these were separated and I initially thought it would be a good idea to merge them into one track. It could be a “partial recording of” a known work, played during the credits (it would be useful to rip both chapters into one file).

If, however, the DVD is ripped strictly by chapters, you get 19 files and you wouldn’t get a recording on MB for #19

I’m not at all sure how a DVD should be listed though. There are no specific guidelines for DVDs (I found none). And I don’t want these changes to go unnoticed by other editors.


Yes you should have 19 MB recordings of there are 19 chapters.

It’s like an uncredited CD track (that we should materialise as an MB recording also), but happens more often, because videos have more content than just the songs listed on the back cover.

Many DVD have a trailing empty last chapter, for navigation purpose, you can of course ignore these empty chapters (1s of silent blank screen).


I’m not sure yet if I should be thankful or rather cry about this post.
Working on the DVD for https://musicbrainz.org/release/dfd4f772-8244-40c8-8178-b33e166985d9 seems a bit more difficult.
DVD Decrypter shows VTS_01 to VTS_10 where the tracks already added are in VTS_06, Chapter 2 to 10 (of 11) and VTS_10, Chapter 1 to 12 (of 13). VTS_05, 07 and 09 are those 1sec things, the remaining have 1, 2, 1, 2, 2 chapters.
So what am I supposed to do?
EDIT: a look/vote/apply on the open edits of the above release would be very helpful before adds/corrections.

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I approved your edits.
Good luck!

It’s only if you really want to have a perfect DVD listing. :sweat_smile:

A thing that I do also is to submit the audio rip as a release through Picard Add Cluster As Release command.
I do this to have milliseconds set in track durations, it’s very OCD.
Then I have to merge this DVD release with the 2CD rest of the release… :woozy_face:


Thanks a lot for that :smiley:

I surely have a tendency to perfection, but in this case I’ll leave it as is.
The videos of the concert performances are complete, that’s the important thing, I think.
I’m expecting some combined CD+DVD releases from Snarky Puppy which will lead to a lot of release changes. In most of them the DVD part is missing on MB though they were released as combi only, afaik. :smirk:

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