Dutch Dialect

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Hi all

I have yet another question and this one is about Language.
In Dutch we have a lot of different dialects and next to Dutch 1 official language and that is Frisian.


This song is sung in Frisian… so trying to find Frisian and gues what, I have Frisian Western, Frisian Nothern, Frisian Eastern. I dont speak Frisian. So wich one do I choose.

Can’t find it on wiki either

What am I going to do with the Limburg dialect, the Brabants dialect, Achterhoeks, etc

A lot of Dutch people will be affended if I choose Dutch voor a release in Limburg dialect, cos it aint Dutch, same for Frisian etc. Like Frisian you don’t understand it if you are not from these parts :slight_smile:

Confused: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Cant find anthing about this in the MB docs. Would it be possible to have Dutch Dialect in the language list.


You can find the Frisian spoken in the Netherlands under “Westerlauwers Fries” in the Dutch translation of MusicBrainz (“Frisian, Western” in English). It’s a bit confusing because what we call “West-Fries” in Dutch is actually a Hollandic dialect spoken in the province of North Holland and not a dialect of Frisian.
Although the current name is linguistically correct, maybe it would just be better to call the language “Fries (Nederland) / Frisian (Netherlands)”?

We do have Limburgish/Limburgs, by the way. We also have Low German / Nederduits, which accounts for the “nedersaksisch” spoken in the Achterhoek. You can request additional languages on the bug tracker (project MusicBrainz Server and component Languages).

Finding the right language can be quite tricky because you have to select it from a flat list and you will probably only find your language if you know the first letter of the name it is know under on MusicBrainz.


Thank you Meulenbelt