Duplicate "works" files - "Anytime" (Eddy Arnold hit)

“Anytime” is an old Tin Pan Alley song published 1921. Like “Lovesick Blues” (1922), a country singer adapted it in the late 1940s and turned it into a monster success, after years of obscurity. It also has been covered many times over the years, and several are spread over 3 works files we have for this same song. One grouping had the composer’s name, but spelt the composition “Any Time”, which is correct for 1921, but may have been changed, need to check. The third grouping had no songwriting info, so it got lost, even though it has a 1925 version and Duane Eddy’s guitar versio many years later.
I noticed there were a half-dozen works titled “Anytime” without any songwriting information. This makes me very unhappy. Many of the db problems we have can be traced to this as a cause. Those half-dozen entries all have songwriters now, because I did it, making sure no additional Lawsons were floating around.
Any support for making it compulsory to provide songwriters when adding a work? I am just throwing it out for opinions.

Another convenient way to differentiate songs with generic names, is to use the disambiguation comment to cite their starting lyrics.

Examples: Lang thang (wandering)

You can’t make songwriters mandatory, simply because songwriters aren’t always known.

But I would like to see the ‘batch add’ require something other than just a song title. For no reason other than, I saw an editor use batch add simply because “if there’s a recording, you know there’s a work”.

*of course, in that specific instance he also batch added songwriters. The end result was - 4 songs came from different titled works. 2 songs were written entirely by someone else. And many needed co-writers. Which makes my point entirely moot, but would still help you with yours. Yet, incomplete editing is better than bad editing.

I disabled the script for batch adding discogs, because discogs, while valuable, is unreliable. I trust secondhandsongs much more, and I used it to help me check out our relationships. I wasted sometime doing this, but I was having fun so I didn’t mind.
Please check this merge, I can cancel and redo it if needed
thanks for the comments too

Please put where you got the info from in your work credit edits. :wink:
Especially if there are several works with same name, we want to be sure it’s the correct credits for this this linked recording performing artist.

what would you like to know

Here is the copyright

Any time ; words and music by Herbert Happy
Lawson [of U. S.], arr. by George Perfect.
Dallas, New York, Adams-Lawson, music publishers.
[26544 © Dec. 22, 1921; 2 c. Dec. 27, 1921 ;
E 525614; Herbert Happy Lawson music pub. co., Dallas.

It’s just that don’t forget to document the edit history, for reference.

Code of Conduct

Making edits

  • Provide explanations when entering edits.
  • Include links that validate your edits.


If I remember well, in this specific set of edits, I think you have removed some credits that were themselves not documented (no edit notes), either.
It would have been nice for you to have edit notes because maybe the original editor was editing a different work, or maybe they had some contradictory reference.
It could be anything, but we never know when there is no edit notes.

CWyear Artist Song Title CWHigh CWHighwks CWCHwks Label/Number Composers RecordDate ReleaseDate Date Entered Date Peaked Chart Whit-Year Phigh Album and Label Sort Key 40 10 1st Week 2nd Week 3rd Week 4th Week 5th Week 6th Week 7th Week 8th Week 9th Week 10th Week 11th Week 12th Week 13th Week 14th Week 15th Week 16th Week 17th Week 18th Week 19th Week 20th Week 21st Week 22nd Week 23rd Week 24th Week 25th Week 26th Week 27th Week 28th Week 29th Week 30th Week 31st Week 32nd Week 33rd Week 34th Week 35th Week 36th Week 37th Week 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69 70
c1948_001 c1948_001 Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys Bouquet Of Roses 1 19 54 RCA Victor 2806 Steve Nelson-Bob Hilliard 1947/05/18 1948/04/15 1948/05/15 1948/06/05 BS 1948_101 13 Eddy Arnold 54 53 6 5 3 1 2 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 1 1 2 1 2 1 2 2 1 2 4 2 2 2 2 2 4 4 2 5 2 3 8 3 2 4 5 7 7 3 9 11 8 6 7
c1948_003 c1948_003 Eddy Arnold and his Tennessee Plowboys Anytime 1 9 39 RCA Victor 2700 Herbert Happy Lawson 1947/08/20 1948/02/12 1948/03/20 1948/04/03 JB 1948_134 17 Eddy Arnold 39 37 6 3 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 2 2 2 2 3 2 3 3 2 2 5 2 2 2 3 3 4 3 3 4 4 4 5 7 6 9 15 13


Any time ; words and music by Herbert Happy
Lawson [of U. S.], arr. by George Perfect.
Dallas, New York, Adams-Lawson, music publishers.
[26544 © Dec. 22, 1921; 2 c. Dec. 27, 1921 ;
E 525614; Herbert Happy Lawson music pub. co., Dallas.

Lawson (H. H.) Any time. 26544.
Lawson (Herbert Happy) music pub. co. Any time. 26544.


Bouquet of roses; fox trot, [by Steve Nelson
and Bob Hilliard, arr. by Joseph P. ^
Elsnic] Chicago, VitakElsnlc. ([Pub.
order] no. 743) © Hill & Range Songs,
inc.; 20May49; on arrangement; EP37425.
For concertina.

Bouquet of roses; fox-trot, [by Steve
Nelson and Bob Hilliard, arr. by Joseph P.
Elsnic] Chicago, Vitak Elsnic. ([Pub.
order] no. 3626) © Hill & Range Songs,
inc.; 20May49, on arrangement, EP37426.
For piano accordion.

Bouquet of roses; words and music by
Steve Nelson and Bob Hilliard> arr. for /
Hawaiian, electric & plectrum guitar [by S
the Oahu staff] © Hill & Range Songs,
inc., Hollywood, Calif.; 18Jan49; on ar-
rangement; EP33990.

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Thanks but I mean put reference info in the edit notes themselves. :slight_smile:

I already did that

but why don’t you copy and paste this info the way you would like it

then from now on I will know what to do

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Great! I don’t remember what work I was talking about I just told here.

I am not a super reference of what’s best to do, but here are just a few examples.

Tuấn Thành wrote the lyrics for and composed Lang thang (Lang thang trên đường mưa rơi…):

have this self-cover album
cf. back cover for songs

It’s very simple stuff, just to know where you got info from.
Or also, including some automatic notes, in fact.

Publishing, lyrics, music credits for my last added work:


さよならは言えない (work code 145-2914-9 /14529149 — ISWC T-909.745.181-5 /T9097451815)
JASRAC work importer (2021.11.14)
http://www2.jasrac.or.jp/eJwid/main?trxID=F20101… ← requires JASRAC direct links enabler
https://search.minc.or.jp/music/list/?tr=145-291… ← mirror, requires account
https://search.nex-tone.co.jp/result?pieceCd=145… ← another mirror

著作者/出版者情報 管理情報
No. 著作者/出版者 識別 契約 所属団体 特記
1 木下 詩野 作詞 JASRAC
2 都志見 隆 作曲 JASRAC
3 宮下 博次 公編 JASRAC
4 テイチクミュージック 出版者 JASRAC

I prefer keeping arrange credits on recordings.

But no need to always be this pedantic.
When I have release in hands and taking credits from its booklet but I don’t find an online photo or official transcript, I just say so, it is already interesting to know where it comes from.
I put a link to the release because you don’t see release context on work edits, otherwise.

Clara Luciani wrote the lyrics for and composed Eddy:

Work credits from my booklet release 95c7c41f-ce5f-4466-8d51-bd686b33b944 <OHE>

More generally, you can check my added works.