Duplicate Medium Titles

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This release is a collection of two versions of the same soundtrack, both spanning two discs each. Should the two discs for each version have the same Medium Title (Nintendo Switch Version/Game Boy Version) or should they have unique names, like appending “Disc 1” and “Disc 2” to them so there’s no duplicate medium titles on the release?

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The disc title should be what is on the disc or in the booklet. No need to add “disc 1” or “disc 2” on there.

Whatever is on the disk is the title, even if that is repeated on all the discs.

It looks like the disc titles are from the obi, which lists both the version and DISC1/DISC2 per disc - https://ia801409.us.archive.org/1/items/mbid-5bf62727-f4c6-4b1b-a7ef-603da272866d/mbid-5bf62727-f4c6-4b1b-a7ef-603da272866d-25714924804.png

So are they fine as they are, or should DISC1/DISC2 be added to the titles for each disc? The style says not the add titles that are just CD 1/Disc 1/etc. but these have extra info in the names, plus the second soundtrack loops the disc numbers back to 1/2 again instead of 3/4.

I can’t read Japanese. But if that OBI shows “Nintendo Switch version, Disc 1” then that would be sensible as a title. :slight_smile: