Dubious works

I am trying to add to MusicBrainz recordings of several works, which attribution to Paganini is dubious according to the most authoritative catalogue “Catalogo tematico delle musiche di Niccolò Paganini”. Instead of having a proper catalogue number, the work appears in an appendix of the catalogue, together with several other dubious works.

Is there a way to indicate the “dubious” property on the relationship between a composer and a work in MusicBrainz? If it is not possible yet, would it make sense to create a JIRA ticket to add such property, or is it too special case in your opinion?

Note that this is not the same as “previously attributed to” relationship. The “previously attributed to” means that the work was thought to be composed by a particular artist, but now we know better. In my understanding, “dubious” means more like “there are vague indications that the work was written by this composer, but these indications are not sufficient to overweight existing doubts”. After additional research a “dubious” work may be changed to properly attributed, or to “previously attributed to”, depending on the research results, but some works may remain “dubious” forever.


It is not possible yet, but there is a JIRA ticket you could vote for: Issue Navigator - MetaBrainz JIRA

I have completely forgotten I have already created the ticket for this issue 5 years ago. Well, looks like this is pretty exotic case since nobody voted in 5 years.

How many times does it have to be “voted” for the amendment to be taken into account?

I’m not promoting fraud, but will creating different accounts with different email addresses allow the same person to vote from one IP address?

A few - sometimes things get pushed right through with just one vote; this one seemingly has 0 votes and is unassigned to any individual.

This issue looks to have just got lost in the sauce; I’ve put a comment on it that it’s been bought up again on the forums :slight_smile: